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platinum ashtray

platinum ashtray

h 9cm

all of the gold-, or in this case, platinum-covered pieces
need to be fired three times.
after the considerable drying time that is required for
heavy objects like this, they are bisque-fired at 950C.
subsequently a glaze is applied and they are fired a second
time, at 1250C.
the glaze I used here has a feldspar/reed ash/wood ash base
and contains a high percentage of metallic oxides,
giving it a surface that is matt or glossy, depending on
the thickness of application, and has a wrinkled texture.
after the glaze firing, the bottoms of the ashtrays are cleaned
and beveled to eliminate rocking.
then a gold or platinum overglaze is applied with a small brush.
it contains the actual precious metal and is sold according
to the daily gold rate.
finally the pieces are fired for a third time, at 750C.
the platinum ashtray in this picture is composed of slivers
that I cut from some of the other ashtrays and piled up
for reusing them later. when I sat down for a smoke,
I realized that I had created a fascinating shape by accident
and left it intact