matthias kaiser ceramics
nice to miss you

nice to miss you

h 45cm

as in the previous piece, the clay parts I have used here
are not really made into a shape,
but simply centered on the potters wheel.
this is the first step one has to take before creating any vessel,
but I have stopped there, cut the centered clay from the wheel
and used it to assemble sculptures from it.
again there is an aluminum foil addition
to the ceramic portion of the object.
both materials, clay and aluminum, are essentially made up
of the same element, Aluminum oxide (Al˛Oł),
but take on a very different appearance.
the clay part seems to touch or reach out to the aluminum part,
which appears to be passing or leaving and is airborne,
unlike the grounded ceramic portion.
the pain one experiences when missing a loved one
is at the heart of this sculpture,
like in a new rendering of Hafez or Maulana (Rumi) poems

photo: Faraz Dara