matthias kaiser ceramics
more than equal

more than equal

45 x 25 x14cm

here, the plate functions as a game board
and the name of the game is gender equality.
(especially in the context of Islam, as the work was created in Iran)
ready-made ceramics bought in the bazaar
are assembled or placed on an even surface.
on the left, three small blue bowls are arranged to resemble
the physical appearance of a man
and on the right, a tobacco bowl for a water-pipe
is placed upside down, evoking a woman in a skirt.
but between them is a divide, a curtain drawn between two
unglazed pillars and made from aluminum foil.
the curtain is both moveable and reflective.
you cannot see what is on the other side,
only your own reflection,
but if youŽd make an effort, it could be opened.
who will up the ante? a female friend told me:
first we will be equal and then we will be better… 
the dark patch of glaze on the “female side” was unintended,
it developed during the firing, but speaks of the status quo

photo: Faraz Dara