matthias kaiser ceramics
ghorboonet shoma

ghorboonet shoma

ě 20cm

the literal meaning of this common greeting phrase in Farsi
is “I am killing/sacrificing myself for you”.
the object consists of two ready-made parts: an ordinary plate
and a clay seal that is used in Namaz (islamic prayer).
the worshipper touches his forehead to the clay every time
he bows in prayer, some people retain scars from this practice.
Iáplaced the religious item in the plate and fired them together.
the glaze on the plate remelted
and fixed the clay piece in its position.
in ancient chinese ceramics there is a decoration technique
that is oddly similar to what I have done here,
but my work is related much closer to the English phrase
“don┤t shit where you eat”

photo: Faraz Dara